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How can I capatilize on the array of training modules offered?

Rhythm Dribble offers a number of development options to help grow athletes and ensure they become the best basketball players they can be. Choosing a training option becomes simple once you determine your level of skill, optimal learning skill, and future basketball goals.


Booking is simple. Select the option that best meets your needs from one of the three provided services below.

   Small Group           Training

***Rhythm Dribble has altered the current training schedule due to COVID-19 precautions. Currently all training must be scheduled through our staff to comply with our safety plan.

RD Small Group Training

Small Group Training Anchor
Who benefits from Rhythm Dribble Small Group Training?

For parents who seek more exclusive training with fewer peers of equal skill levels (Beginners – Advanced) in order to expedite understanding and execution of basketball concepts. In small group training sessions, fundamental development remains a priority, as players work through drills and game-time scenarios. These sessions are demanding, physically and emotionally. And typically one hour in length.

Early-Bird Small Group Training (Before School)


For parents who understand the benefits of getting difficult work done early so the rest of the day is free. To teach athletes the benefit of self-discipline is a life lesson. Early workouts allow for consistency because there is no competition for your time. Not to mention, early exercise does wonders for the body's metabolism.This small group training has a limit of 6 athletes per session.

 Small Group Training


For parents who seek training for peers with equally high skill levels in order to expedite the understanding and execution of basketball skills to rapidly apply them to players’ real-game situations. In an advanced training session, you will find shorter periods of time with more complicated basketball instructions and scenarios. Explanations tend to be briefer and the tasks are more demanding, physically and emotionally.

RD Virtual Training



As athletes continue to adjust to the health concerns we currently face. Let Rhythm Dribble Neuromuscular Training guide your at-home development.  Rhythm Dribble's objective training creates efficiency for trainees by allowing you to measure your success in each drill.  Discipline and accountability are characteristics of successful basketball players.  Each session is led and orchestrated by Coach Adams himself, giving him the ability to work on the nuances of the game with each player.

Private Training Anchor

RD Private Training

Who benefits from Rhythm Dribble Private Training?

Private lessons are the ultimate for individual instruction. Rhythm dribbles private training serves to accomplish immediate goals, which focus on players independent weaknesses. Private training can eliminate the frustration of group training where athletes are not at the same level of the group. Private lessons move at a rapid pace, the rigor is heightened and they demand that certain fundamentals are already in place prior to the session. Ultimate efficiency is the goal of the each session, as there is little time to waste when developing athletes. Click the button below to contact the Rhythm Dribble team and schedule your personal training session today!

Group Training Anchor

RD Classic Group Training

How can your athlete benefit from Rhythm Dribble's Classic Group Training?

Group training is a wonderful alternative for parents who are frustrated with children who have plateaued in their basketball development. These athletes are, sometimes, unrealistic, uninspired and/or unmotivated about their fundamental development. While group training saves parents money, it also helps trainees learn from their peers as the group works through tough training moments by watching others deal with the adversities of training. Group training players can rely on each other for inspiration and motivation.

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