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Are You a Rhythm Dribbler?

Welcome to Rhythm Dribble

Rhythm Dribble is a basketball performance diagnostics company that eliminates weaknesses using a proprietary Neuro muscular Dribble Training(NDT) program and assistive technology. We teach boys and girls from 7 to 19 years of age, to be the best ball handlers they can be and we guarantee measurable improvement. Our athletes are recruited by the top AAU teams and private schools in the country, secure NCAA division 1 basketball scholarships, and other collegiate basketball opportunities.

The game of basketball has evolved. Has your training program? Today, teams are more reliant on a ball handler’s ability to penetrate and create opportunities for the team with superior ball handling skills. Unlike traditional training programs, Rhythm Dribble’s NDT program leverages neuro-muscular adaptation techniques to build muscle memory. As a result, our athletes no longer have to concentrate so intently on dribbling and protecting the ball, it becomes instinctual. This leads to greater poise and more strategic thinking in game time situations. According to Harvard Graduate, Dr. Geoffrey Varner MD, MPH, the NDT program builds muscle memory, reduces injuries, and speeds recovery times all of which is especially important for young athletes.

Our "scaffolding" approach promotes consistent application of learning objectives and allows Rhythm Dribble, coaches, parents, and players to measure progress and success from session to session against a consistent “standardized” set of criteria. Because a player can objectively see their own progress, self-confidence develops, a greater commitment to personal development is inspired, and first-hand experience with how hard work payoffs is gained. This life lesson can extend to academics and other areas of personal development.

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